• Globalwax LLC is an Approved Distributor For Shell Hardwaxes.

    1. In addition to the line of Shell mid melt slacks we have been selling, Globalwax LLC is the USA approved distributor of Shell Hardwaxes SX-105 and SX-80

  • Terminal Operations

    Globalwax LLC has Terminal facilities to serve Mexico and the Lower United States. In some cases deliveries can be made with one days notice.

  • History

    Globalwax LLC was founded with over 40 years experience in the business. With Strategic partnerships with major refineries and the experience of working with various products.

  • Innovative Products

    1. Synthetics

    2. Palm

    3. Paraffins

    4. Specialty blends geared towards candles,emulsions and more.


Welcome To Globalwax, Your single source for Petroleum & Synthetic Waxes!

Globalwax delivers a diversified line of Petroleum Waxes for various industries around the world. Our wide international reach allows us to offer numerous alternatives that assure continuity of supplies at the most competitive prices.

With expert technical assistance and innovative product ideas, Globalwax maintains high standards of service and works hard to keep customers satisfied. Over 50 years of combined experience allows us to provide you with added value and solutions to even the most complex problems.

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